Top 5 Tips for Train Travel in India

There are few things that specify India the way the Indian Trains do. Keep in mind those limitless train flights as children, when you ‘d gotten up by sobs of ‘chai, coffee’ in the early mornings and would be happiest if you got to sleep on the upper berth? Regardless of the growing appeal of flights in India today, a big piece of our population still travels by train. On the occasion of the annual International Railway Devices Exhibit (IREE) hosted by the Indian Railways from October 14-16 at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, here are the leading 5 tips to travel with Indian Railways:

1. Always chain your luggage

I have constantly chained my baggage to the links supplied under the seats and I never ever believed they truly provided much security until I forgot my chain one day and my travel luggage was stolen. It is always much better to be safe than sorry and it doesn’t take excessive effort to lock your baggage and make sure that it is attached to the train, so that you do not wake up to a nasty surprise.

2. Pre-order your food

Whilst Indian Railways offer a food service on a lot of trains and admirably accommodate a big group of people, there isn’t much of a choice offered. I recently discovered an excellent online food ordering system called Travel Khana. You can place your order online ahead of time and somebody will come and deliver a fresh meal to your seat at the station of your choice. The food is prepared at regional restaurants and several meal choices are used. Choose a thali, dosa or possibly even biryani.

3. Be prepared for noisy neighbours

I prefer to get as much sleep as possible when on trains, however my neighbours don’t always feel the same way. One way to shut out any noise is to wear ear plugs and use an eye mask to block any light. This will help you with undisturbed sleep, so that you awaken at your location refreshed and all set to go.

4. Always pack some extra food

Often train journeys could end up being a little longer than planned, or the train might make an unexpected stop in the middle of nowhere. Simply in case things don’t go quite as planned, it might deserve packing an additional bottle of water and some treats so that you don’t get hungry. I make it a point to keep some nuts and biscuits with me, a fantastic accompaniment to a hot cup of tea.

5. Use the time to yourself

Some train trips can be long, particularly if you’re travelling alone, but, consider it, where else will you get such uninterrupted time of doing absolutely nothing? Spend this time carefully, doing things you do not usually discover time for in your busy daily life. I typically travel with a big book, and enjoy reading it from cover to cover on a long journey. You can catch up on those films you never got around to viewing, make some brand-new pals, or simply look out the window constantly, taking in the gorgeous countryside that India needs to offer.

Taking a trip on the Indian Railways can be one of the greatest Indian travel experiences, so kick back, unwind and enjoy the flight.

 May 23rd, 2017  
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