Nice! Persebaya Destroy PSBS Goal Five Goals Without Reply

Persebaya Surabaya started the previous 16-League 2 2017 remarkable. Green Force – nicknamed Persebaya, destroyed PSBS Biak with a 5-0 landslide score at Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium (GBT) on Friday (22/9) afternoon local time.

A solo run Delvin Taplo, the PSBS player, in the 6th minute made Persebaya’s protection go down. Luckily Delvin’s finishing can be easily anticipated by goalkeeper Miswar Saputra. Discipline game is supported with a difficult physical make PSBS very inconvenient Persebaya at the start of the game. Even Persebaya players always lose in an actual duel.

When Jaket Persebaya not recorded opportunities, PSBS actually get a second chance in the sixteenth minute. On this occasion it was Jefri Kewoe’s turn to trick the Persebaya defense until he was confronted with goalkeeper Miswar. Unfortunately his shot just deviated to the right goal.

PSBS got his third chance from Paul Hisage’s free-kick in the 19th little. This time the ball bounced thin over the bar.

Opportunity on goal first Persebaya through free kick Misbakhus Solikin day 22, successful first goal to bear fruit in this fight. Although experienced ditepis goalkeeper, the ball hit the left post and then in the goal. Persebaya winning 1-0.

Persebaya seemed to lose electricity grip after winning one ball. They play more defensive. Allowing PSBS players to ruffle their terrain through both the side and the midfield. Yet Persebaya seems more smart. They punish the PSBS by using a counterattack.

Counter attack Persebaya successful second goal scored Irfan Jaya in the thirty first minute. Utilizing feedback Meters. Hidayat, Irfan who appeared from the left ribs of defense PSBS, out of cash into the penalty container to deceive goalkeeper Bagus Prasetyo. Persebaya raise the benefits to 2-0.

Fourth-minute panel turn Thaufan Hidayat who get a golden opportunity from bait Ricky Kayame. Unfortunately the ball increased thinly over the tavern. Ricky continued his positive trend through his goal in the 40th small. Sick Ricky who continuing crossing Thaufan Hidayat, delivering the Green Force 3-0 lead.

Ricky, Irfan Jaya, and Sidik Saimima get a chance to credit score in first-half injury time. Unfortunately these three players failed to maximize chances into goals. Score 3-0 closed the first fifty percent.

Persebaya opened the second half through M Hidayat’s long-range strike. Unfortunately the ball bounced off the mark. Rib left PSBS became the center of Persebaya exploration in this match. Persebaya attacks often start from the movements of Irfan Jaya or Thaufan Hidayat who instead ruffled the left part of the PSBS protection since the first small.

Persebaya reinforced the prominence over PSBS through Misbakhus Solikin’s second goal in the 63rd minute. Solikin speculation kick from exterior the penalty box to bring Persebaya 4-0 business lead. There was no significant resistance from PSBS in the other half. They became easy targets of Persebaya attack.

The tough defense Fandry Imbiri has problems with hamstring. Ex player Semen Padang was ripped out to be changed M. Syaifuddin 73 minutes. PSBS played hard after conceding four goals. Persebaya responded by playing more calmly.

Irfan Jaya almost scored his second goal in the 85th little. Nevertheless , hard kick Irfan deviated thin on the right wicket PSBS. Persebaya would not give a gap to the PSBS to build an assault. Persebaya closed this enhance a score of 5-0. Goal cover Persebaya delivered from Irfan Jaya header after utilizing a free kick Misbakhus Solikin.

 September 23rd, 2017  
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